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Instructional Options

We provide our students with a variety of instructional options.

Early Evergreens




Everest System of Support

D.C. Everest’s goal is to provide each student with relevant, interesting and challenging educational opportunities designed around their unique learning styles, abilities, interests and modes of expression. To this end, DCE has in place an Everest System of Support team that works together to ensure classroom instruction meets the needs of all our learners. 

Recognizing each individual learns at their own pace, our ESS team works together to identify academic and mental wellness resources for students’ who require enriched classroom support or opportunities. We examine student-specific data and collaborate with our instructors to determine what an individual student needs to be successful.  When we identify students who require more challenging instruction, we provide opportunities for advancement. For students who require additional support, we help our instructional team identify resources suited to the learner. And for students in need of wellness support, we help them build social connections and access resources necessary to their wellbeing..  

For more information about the Everest System of Support, contact ESS Coordinator Lisa Braun at 715.359.4221 ext. 1239 or